Our offer is designed for equipment suppliers and manufacturers of electrical installations in various industries. We complement electrical energy supply systems with high-performance battery storage systems in order to cover high energy demands at short notice.
In this way, we reduce the required grid connection power or the volume/weight requirement of capacity-oriented battery storage systems.

Construction Sites & Mining

  • Mobile power supply in case of missing grid connection

  • Replacement or hybridization of diesel generators and thus reduction of noise and CO2 emissions

  • Reliable power supply under harsh environmental conditions

  • High level of intrinsic safety of the battery system due to inherent safety features

Commercial and special vehicle engineering

  • Mobile power supply for auxiliary units and external power consumers

  • Location-independent and immediate availability of high electrical power

  • Adaptable system with regard to the available installation space due to the modular battery concept

  • Provision of high electrical power in a short time

Manufacturer of electrical equipment for emergency power supply

  • Battery storage for uninterruptible power supply (UPS), also with additional functions such as grid services

  • Battery storage for emergency power systems (NEA), especially for critical infrastructure in combination with fuel cell technology

  • High intrinsic safety of the battery system due to intrinsic safety features


  • High-performance battery storage to compensate peak loads during fast charging of vehicles

  • Extension of charging infrastructure manufacturers' technology for energy storage or intermediate storage

  • On-grid and off-grid applications e.g. in combination with fuel cell technology

Commercial & Industrial

  • Battery storage for peak load capping

  • Integrated thermal management extends battery system lifetime

  • Additional functions such as grid stabilization or grid services


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